I went to a nightclub to say hi to a friend last night and ended up actually having a really good night. Today I was a little hungover though, so I decided to just order in and watch movies and pamper myself. I ordered from Bar'sushi and it was pretty delicious, the only thing I don't recommend are their spicysauce, it was thick and tasted like some kind of fat american dressing. Tomorrow I will do laundry and clean our apartment and spend my sunday on something productive. Hope you had a great friday night!


  1. Looks like an absolute delight!

    Love your blog. I've been reading it for a while now, but thought I'd let you know I started following it as well.

    Take care!

    Katrine B

  2. Glad you had a better weekend after the first part of Friday, you very cool "hobo". ;^)
    Remember to always love and accept yourself for all you really are, and breath.
    Have you ever tried yoga or even yogic breathing when your mind takes off on you? Helps me when I go bonkers. LOL
    I want you to know that, even though I only know who I see on the net, I accept and love you for who you are, just that you are. You're Fing great Sebastian !

  3. That looks absolutely sexy, divine and oh so scrumptilitious! Your blog is one of the highlights of my life! oxo Care

  4. Aww this really made me smile, thank you very much. Yes I have been doing some yoga, but I think I wanna get into it more. I really enjoy the idea of it. Thank you again <3

    The Domestic Goddess, oh thank you! What a lovely comment! Love xo