I went to my aunt's 50th birthday yesterday with my grandmother. When we arrived at the party balloons were lying around all over the place because my cousin and her husband had spent the night blowing up over 500 balloons to surprise my aunt. It was beautiful. We ate yummi arabic food and I drank lots of beer and had a pretty nice night. Conservative people aren't really my favorite to be around but I managed to survive for a day. It was pretty cold in Denmark though, so even though we're in june I was wearing a tight black dress, my huge faux fur coat and my UNIF hellraiser's.


  1. Love the colourful balloons! Is that a ring sitting on your lovely clutch or is that the clasp to same? LOL .. @ surviving being amongst 'conservative' people .. I am sure you brightened and enlightened their lives for at least their day! oxox Care