Oh I am having so much fun with my purple/pink/blue hair at the moment. Colors make me happy. Unlike my most undesirerable sleeping pattern. My current goal is to stay awake until tonight and then finally get a good nights sleep. Tomorrow I'm gonna do one of my old friends makeup for her homecoming prom or whatever it's called. Is galla an english word as well? It will be nice to do more makeup. I am having lot's of fun with it right now.

Now I will try to upload my video on Androgenetics, I might have to put my boyfriend's computer in the fridge again like I did this morning. We are in serious need of better technology.


  1. So gorgeous! That last shot is perfection!

  2. So beautiful! The video was just adorable, Sebastian!!I'm really glad that all of the Androgenetics drama was held to a minimum, and it all worked out. The new Thursday seems real great and I think that you guys did an amazing job choosing who it was gonna be. It must have been so difficult.

  3. <3 I love you. Sebastian <3. The new Friday video made me feel so good. Thank you.