Party weekend via my phone.

I guess the photos really speak for themselves but I felt like a photodiary of my weekend would be in place.

Friday I went out to get a beer with some girlfriends but ended up at two different bars drinking til late in the morning before I went home to sleep. I woke up with the worst hangovers knowing that I had to get ready to my boarding school reunion party - and that I would most likely get even more drunk this night. I decided to go with my 60's inspired dress, nude legs, black pumps and big curly hair. A pretty outfit, but still a little too cold if you live in Scandinavia. As always I had the best time catching up with everyone, and later that night my best friend Sebastian came to party with me. We slept at his place and went out to get some dinner on sunday afternoon (and smoothies and cucumbers and chocolatemilk and..) I did his makeup, we watched Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and only now, on monday, I am back to my normal self. I probably won't get drunk for a while now.

Tak til alle for en fantastisk weekend 


  1. you look stunning as always and the guy of the last photo is hoooooow

  2. Gorgeous as always !♥ I agree this photo diary was nice[=

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  4. åhh elsk på din blog! <3<3
    bliver fast læser!
    vil du ikke også blive på min? - så vi følger hinanden? (: