Spring new ins.

Both dresses, the sweater and the ring are from H&M

I was feeling a little moody today so I stopped by H&M to get a dress for the boardingschool reunion Im going to in two weeks and saw the gorgeous dress in the third picture. Usually I'm pretty good at knowing which sizes I can fit, but I got it in large and it was way too big. I will wear it with lilac nails and lips, ombre white/pink hair, my usual cateyes and black pumps. Both dresses are in a gorgeous 60's cuts and both materials are perfect for spring and summer. The sweater is amazing and will go well with the yet to complete outfit I have in my head.

Todays music - Billie Holiday Lady Day collection


  1. Thank you! It is so comfortable and also very affordable :))

  2. currently, h&m has so pretty things! I need to go there!!

  3. Yes you're right! I think it's maybe just the spring trends that are great this year haha xo