Hairstyles for short hair.

I'm giving my hair som rest from extensions this month, so my hair is currently white, short and natural. I do really like it for now but I know it will feel great to get my new hair and haircolors next month. I decided to make a video about hairstyles for short haired people, since I always talk about long hair and I actually like that you can easily make cute updos and styles when it's short.


  1. Cute video as always. Short hair or long (with or without makeup, you don't need it) you are adorable. "Really, really loving" you so much. Seriously though, you are a very special person, not only because of your looks, but for who you are. So sweet!
    D -in California

  2. Thank you : D That's sweet of you to say love!

    1. Not at all , it's true. I saw the funny compilation video on YouTube the other day; and just your being yourself was so endearing!
      I was very feminine as a teen also, but lacked your confidence. It's great. I hope your boyfriend always treats you right or he will have competition. Just kidding. Wishing you well and sending lots of love.