Sunday music love.


  1. That is a nice song collection
    Thanks for sharing
    I really like sign of the zodiac
    I think I'll be listening to that on loop for a while ^_^;

  2. Yes Rasputina is an amazing band, been a favorite for years.
    I'm glad you like it I was in a very strange mood last night so I thought I would share a little music :) xoxo

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  4. You have such interesting and great taste in music :D I once saw Rasputina live and they were amazing! It was at Siouxsie Sioux's first solo tour (or at least when her first solo album had been released) and ..Wow , what a great night that was , I still can't believe I saw them both live *_* Siouxsie has always been a favorite of mine and was my first time seeing a band that I liked live,so ..yeah it was pretty special. Sorry to have written so much -_-