Okay so I know that I just recently got the Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Lita's - which still haven't come back in the right size yet - but I have decided to buy another pair of kind of expensive shoes. I never, and I mean never, fall in love with plat shoes, so when I finally see a pair that I love I think it's okay for me to invest in them. Also these would fit my wardrobe like a missing piece in a puzzle and they would be absolutely perfect for spring, summer, work and basically any situation where I might wanna feel comfortable, but still look fabulous.

Also I have this new thing going on, where I will rather spend more money on good quality items once in a while, than spend small amounts of money more often, especially when it comes to shoes.
So these are the UNIF Hellraiser's and I just signed up for the waiting list.


  1. Uuh de sko har jeg!
    Elsker dem allerede for sygt, selvom det er lidt koldt at gå rundt med dem lige nu. Men til sommer og foråret bliver de så dope at gå rundt i!

    xoxo Marie

    Kig evt forbi min blog //ohdeermarie.blogspot.com

  2. Åh det lyder godt! Jeg glæder mig også sådan til at få dem! :) xo

  3. Hvor meget koster de, og hvor skriver man sig op til at få dem??

  4. De koster lige under 1000,-
    Du kan købe dem på solestruck, nastygal eller dollskill.

  5. Hvad er det for et mærke, da jeg viiirkelig også gerne vil have dem? :D