2012 Cavewoman.

Ever since I saw Jeremy Scott's 2010 summer collection I have been wanting a huge bone hair piece, and as I'm visiting my grandmother this weekend - she has a sewingmachine - I decided to make one myself! It's basically just like a stuffed teddy bear so it's pretty light to wear on the head and it looks super cute.

I have the perfect outfit and hairdo to go with this bone as soon as I get home, but today I'm wearing it with a black, stropless minidress in velour and black patent leather pumps.
What do you guys think about the cavewoman look, and do you like the Jeremy Scott collection?


  1. uber cute, please say the boyf is channeling his inner Fred Flintstone and telling you how he's going to make your bed rock. I can never resist a lame pun.

  2. Hahaha that would be so amazing! : D

  3. I love bones, Always have been collecting them so I like to see it being an inspiration to use in fashion <3

  4. Your so beutiful! Peace and happiness for 2012! xoxoxo