Christmas present wishes.

Chandelier - a blender - new wine glasses - Illamasqua Freak perfume - simple black pumps - nude pumps - The Body shop body butters - chunky rings - MAC brushes - Thierry Mugler Alien perfume

Christmas is coming up and today my grandmother asked me for my wish list. I know that a lot of people usually have problems finding things they want so I made a this to show you some of my wishes. I really want a beautiful chandelier for our new apartment and new jewelry and delicious products for your body is something you can always use and it's also something that isn't too expensive. As a perfume freak I just have to add new perfumes to my collection and I also really want some more amazing makeup brushes from MAC.
What do you guys want for christmas?


  1. for christmas, i just want fabrics, plain shoes, and $50 to spend at thrift stores. i love doing diy projects, so all i ever need are the supplies and then i go crazy at home lol

  2. That sounds amazing actually! I really want to start doing alot of DIY projects as well, but I am too lazy to do it without a sewing machine haha

  3. i've always loved chandeliers like that, they look so classy. don't think i could have one in my apartment though, it'd look too out of place hehe :)

    i think i'm really easy to buy presents for - just get me a book (preferably one i don't already have) and i'm happy :)

    btw do you celebrate sankta lucia in denmark? i study swedish, and we're having a big party tomorrow at uni, we're gonna eat lussekatter and pepperkakor and drink glögg with our professors :D can't wait to see them pissed drunk hahaha

  4. Well then you are easy to buy presents for! I think I am too, you can never go wrong with buying me black clothes or something with sequins :)

    Haha that sounds like a lot of fun! Yes actually we do celebrate Sankta Lucia. I just haven't done for years though. I think it's more like a thing for kids here :)