Vampire costume inspiration.

Okay, so I'm thinking about doing these costume inspiration post until Halloween? What do you guys think? Anyway, this is some ideas for vampire costumes. I hate just going into a shop and buy a complete costume, putting things together yourself is so much more fun and I've been thinking about being a vampire for halloween for years. I want it to be classy, with white skin, blood red lips, laces, diamonds, and sexy black clothes. A romantic, dark vampire. Oh, it could be so much fun! '

Ps. Does anyone know how to get rid of the frames here on blogspot? I hate that all my pictures are framed!


  1. http://www.laurinebloggen.dk/2011/09/sadan-fjerner-du-billedrammen-pa.html

  2. Det virkede igen, jeg har virkelig prøvet alt, men de vil ikke væk! Tusind tak alligevel :)