The Jeffrey Campbell Rockstar shoes.

Oh my I am in love. The materials are amazing and I love the kinda retro disco look. I'm also kind of obsessed with the shape of them but I cant really decide if I like these or the Night Walk wedges most. What do you guys think?


  1. Have you ever worn shoes like that? I mean, is it possible to walk in them? hahah :) I like the colour scheme on them, they really do look disco :D

  2. No, but I really want to try! From what I've read on solestruck and nastygal, they should actually be okay to walk in :)

  3. This just reminded me of David Fink's shoes (I don't know if you have him on Facebook) but he recently got ponyheels - they're insane!! :D These shoes here must be a piece of cake to walk in, compared to what he bought, hehehe