Photoshoot from last winter.

I went to a photoshoot with my best friend Sebastian in January this year I think, here are some of the pictures. I think they turned out well and it was a lot of fun. I love that our hair colors always go well together. Except right now, since his hair is brown. Both pair of shoes I mine. I love giant platforms.

photos by lia knudsen


  1. I'm really sorry for asking you, but are you a boy or a girl, I just wondering about your name: Sebastian Simon, because it's boy names? :D
    - You're very beauty!

  2. You have great style, i love the shoes!

  3. Thank you! Yes, platforms are the best!

  4. My hair's not brown, just a more natural blond for once :(

    It was a fun day. If you don't find a day soon, I will just pop up some day at your apartment, and force you to spend time with me.