New in.

Nelly Bielawa wedges - oversized cateyes sunnies

Being sick really sucks, but getting delicious new ins always cheers you up. As I talked about earlier, I wanted to get some new wedges that I've been drooling over on nelly.com and when I checked their page this saturday the shoes were 73% off! Crazy, so of course I had to get them. I ordered them in a size 41, but they feel like a small 40, so be aware of that if you wanna get them too. The sunnies I got from ebay, I've been needing som fabulous cateyes and I really like these. Anyway, I'll have some outfit posts up when I feel better.


  1. Can you post the link to the sunglasses square pointy edges, I've been looking for some just like that for ages and ages! x

  2. Tak, skat! Jeg ville bare ønske at solbrillerne var mere oversized!

    Yes, of course xoxo

  3. i've always wanted those shoes o.o

  4. What sizes do those shoes run?
    Do they have bigger sizes?

  5. No, I think size 41 is the biggest size they have :)