Easy to do colorful pink dipped braid.

First of all, sorry about my really weird facial expression. I have no idea why I look so retarded, but I just wanted to show   todays look. I always miss having colorful hair, but I can't make myself dye it, cause I also really love it blonde. So today I braided in some pink extensions. You can do this if your hair is naturally long too, but it works best when your hair is braided. I just teased my hair to make it more messy and thick and braided it down to my shoulder. Then I added some dark pink and some light pink extensions, and hid the clips in the braid. The reason why you should make your hair messy, is because then the clips won't show. You decide what color you wan't and how long you want the braid. So yeah, really easy to do and it looks fabulous. I'm also wearing a highwaisted skirt from Vila and just a simple white tee.


  1. OMG, is this you'r own site, where you write about how you look?