Nelly Mandy wedges update.

I have only had these wegdes for a few weeks, and I've been in love with them ever since they arrived.
The only bad thing is that they really made som nasty wounds on my ankle, but I guess I'm willing to suffer in order to look good. Anyway, on my way home from Copenhagen, they broke. The ''thong'' or what it's called suddenly snapped, and now they wont close. They were cheap, but I dont think it's okay.
So now I'm gonna contact Nelly and see what they say. I will write about this later!


  1. you go girl!!:*

  2. I know a girl, who also got these wonderfull wedges. And they are broken the exactly same way! I received mine in yellow yesterday, now im almost afraid to use them :(

    good luck with the complaint, I hope they send you, a new pair :)

  3. Yes, it's horrible!
    Hope yours wont break.

    Thanks :) xo

  4. I bought them in pink about 2 weeks ago, only used them two times and they're allready broken, in the exact same way as your. It's so annoying!

    Hope it will work for you, i'm going to complain too.