My hair trough time + new design!

I've changed my hair so many times, and dyed it in almost every shade
you can dream of. It's been fun, and kind of expensive.
I  forgot my cabel to my camera at my boyfriends house,
so I cant really take any good pictures at the moment.
Anyway, here's some of my hair, from age 13 to now -

I think that was most of the best. So what do you guys like the most?
And what do you think about the new design? 


  1. i like the new design, it's cool.
    and good god, i like you the most with blond/white hair.
    i remember the first time when I've met you, damn. your hair was so black, and short to the shoulders. thats fun to see how much you've chanced!

  2. Thanks, I like it more simple!
    Haha, aww, yeah. I remember. I love the whiteblonde too, but I actually really miss having pink hair.

  3. 100% det pinke!
    Ellers det blonde, både kort/langt.

    ... Det helt blå/grønne/turkis har jeg altså også en svaghed for...

    Og det sorte lange med pandehår vækker minder <3


  4. Det "hvid"-blonde hår er virkelig smukt til dig! Det fremhæver dit ansigt på en helt anden måde, virkelig pænt!

  5. Det er svært at vælge.. Det hele klæder dig :)

  6. Jeg synes også at det er svært at vælge. Men det er forfærdeligt, jeg ville virkelig ønske at jeg kunne skifte hår hver dag!

  7. Jah, det kan jeg godt forstå. Det vil være sejt hvis man kunne skifte hår hver dag. Så kunne man lige trylle en frisure frem der passede til tøjet. Det vil ikke være dårligt ;)

  8. Der er et eller andet ved det første. Jeg er normalt på ingen måder til den hårstil, men puha da! Ellers det blonde.

  9. Hi there! I hope you dont mind - I have stumbled onto your blog by accident when I was googling pink to blonde hair! I currently have bright pink hair and looking to fade it out to a white blonde so that I can start all over again with a baby/pastel pink colour. Do you have any advice about the best way to go about this? I've had my current pink colour in for about six weeks and it is still quite vibrant. Does bleaching over colored hair work?

    Any advice is massively appreciated!


    P.S LOVE your past hair looks!

  10. Hey you! Well, I bleached my hair to get it blonde, because underneath my pink hair the previous base was very yellow, and if you're going for white or pastel hair, a very light base is needed. So my best advice is to bleach your hair and get it light yellow, and then just use a Silver Shampoo. I prefer using L'Oreal's or Matrix' silver shampoos. If you already have white hair under the pink, you could try really washing your hair a lot before bleaching, to get as much color as possible out! Anyway, good luck with your project and thank you very much :) xoxo

  11. OMG I am so in LOVE...
    D- in California