New piercing and some updating.

First of all, sorry for being offline the last week,
but my internet died, and my phone was blocked, so i was left all alone, 
with no commuication to the world around!
Oh dear. Anyway, it's great to be back.

I feel so inspired lately, which is amazing, 
but i think it's because my life as it is right now, 
is how i want it to be.
I can't help dreaming about summer and beautiful dresses,
but i actually fell in love with this cute hat and my old sunglasses -

I finally got my new piercing, after weeks of wating!
It is SO hard to just wait and wait, when you're an impatient person,
but i'm pleased with the black jewelry,
and that i waited to get the best result -

Sorry about the allmost nudes, but i was really busy!

One last thing i have to show you, is my new mirror that i've needed a lot.
It's just more fun to get dressed when you're able to see all of yourself..
AND i feel like such a handyman, after putting it on the wall all by myself.
My boyfriend turns 19 this sunday, so here are his presents too -

I should get a new and better camera next week.

Kisses, Sebastian.


  1. You may love the hat, but you'll have to tear it out of my cold, dead hands, chérie! <3